John Bengel Commentary - Mark 15:8 - 15:8

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 15:8 - 15:8

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Mar 15:8. Ἀναβοήσας) having raised a cry. It is to this the reference is, Mar 15:13, They cried out again. Formerly the Vulg. read ἀναβὰς; or even other paraphrasers: and that reading is consonant with Mat 27:17, therefore when they were gathered together. Certainly both the people gathered themselves together to the chief priests, who were accusing Jesus in an invidious manner, for the purpose of praying that some prisoner should be given up to them: and an ascent to the Pretorium [Governor’s Hall], and some cry, were begun by the people. whoever will compare ἀναβοήσας with the words following, and ἀναβὰς with the words preceding, will perceive that either reading might have been formed from the other by alliteration.[8]-αἰτεῖσθαι, to desire) Understand from the context, ποιεῖν, that he should do. Often the verb is omitted, it being intended that it should be repeated from the following clause. Joh 5:21; Joh 6:32; Joh 6:35; Joh 12:25; Joh 12:35; Rom 5:16; Php 2:1-2; Tit 2:2, note. So LXX., 2Ki 9:27, καιγε αὐτόν (viz. πατάξατε·) καὶ ἐπάταξεν αὐτόν. Comp. Glass., B. iv., Tract. 2, Observ. 5 and 12 all through: and, if you have a mind, the remarks which we formerly made on Cic. Ep., p. 143.

[8] ἀναβὰς is the reading of BDcd Vulg. Memph. Theb. a has accensa. A supports Rec. reading, ἀναβοήσας.-ED. and TRANSL.