John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:13 - 16:13

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:13 - 16:13

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Mar 16:13. Ἀπήγγειλαν) They brought back word.-οὐδὲ ἐκείνοις, not even them) Luk 24:34, affirms they did believe. Both statements are true. They did believe: but presently there recurred to them a suspicion as to the truth, and even positive unbelief. The faith suddenly arising in them, and entertained at first with a joy which had still in it something of an unwonted and ecstatic character blended with it, was not faith, as compared with the faith which followed, cleared as the latter was of all dregs of unbelief, and fully satisfied as to all difficulties, and suitable to the exigencies of the apostleship. Luk 24:37-38; Joh 20:25; Mat 28:17.