John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:15 - 16:15

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:15 - 16:15

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Mar 16:15. Κόσμον, the world) Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, [is the fitting Giver of this command to preach in all the world].-πάσῃ, all), Mar 16:20 [everywhere]. This is said without limitation. If all men, of all places and ages, have not heard the Gospel, [the blame lies with] the successors of the first preachers, and those whose duty it was to have heard it, [who] have not answered the intention of the Divine will.-κτίσει, creature) to men primarily, Mar 16:16; to the rest of creatures secondarily. As widely extended as was the curse, so widely extended is the blessing. The creation of the world by the Son is the foundation of its redemption and His [coming] kingdom [reign] over it.