John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:16 - 16:16

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:16 - 16:16

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Mar 16:16. Πιστεύσας, he that believeth) the Gospel. The close of this Gospel corresponds to its opening: ch. Mar 1:15.-καὶ βαπτισθεὶς, and that is baptized) Whosoever once believes, is wont to receive baptism.-σωθήσεται, shall be saved: κατακριθήσεται, shall be condemned) There is a Synecdoche in both verbs: shall have righteousness [the antithetic term to κατακρίμα involved in κατακριθήσεται], and salvation; shall be condemned, and perish [the antithesis of σωθήσεται].-ἀπιστήσας, he who believeth not) Those who did not believe, did not receive baptism. The want of baptism does not condemn, unless it be through unbelief [that baptism is refused]. The penalty of neglecting circumcision is more expressly indicated, Gen 17:14.