John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:20 - 16:20

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 16:20 - 16:20

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Mar 16:20. Πανταχοῦ, everywhere) Mar 16:15. At the time when Mark wrote his Gospel, even then already the apostles had gone forth into all the world; Rom 10:18 : on this account it is that, excepting Peter, James the Elder, John, James the Less, and Jude, we read no mention in the books of the New Testament of any apostle, save Paul, after the second or fifteenth chapter of the Acts. Each one became most known in that place and country where he preached. The name of no apostle was celebrated throughout the whole world, but the name of Jesus Christ alone.[13]

[13] Bengel, J. A. (1860). Vol. 1: Gnomon of the New Testament (M. E. Bengel & J. C. F. Steudel, Ed.) (J. Bandinel & A. R. Fausset, Trans.) (491-577). Edinburgh: T&T Clark.