John Bengel Commentary - Mark 2:20 - 2:20

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 2:20 - 2:20

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Mar 2:20.[20] Ἐλεύσονται, shall come) This is the first intimation of His Passion.-ἐν ἐκείνῃ τῇ ἡμέρᾳ) So also the Gothic version reads. Moreover, the plural, which is substituted by some, comes evidently from Luke.[21] There is but one day of the Bridegroom being taken away; many days, of His continuing absent after having been so taken away. But the days will come, when the Bridegroom shall be taken away; and then shall they fast in that day (In some one of those days, to wit, especially on the first of them). So in Luk 17:22 the plural number is used, the days shall come; and in Luk 2:31, on that day, in the singular number, with a force having relation to that plural.

[20] Mar 2:19. Τοῦ νομφῶνος, the Bridegroom) This means Jesus, in whose absence, they, to whom he is known, cannot feel the day joyful, and in whose presence they cannot feel the day sad.-V. g.

[21] Through Harmonists.-ED. The Gnomon and margin of Ed. 2 and Vers. Germ. prefer the Sing. The Ed. Maj. has at it the mark δ.-E. B. ABCD and Amiat. Vulg. support the Sing.: abc later Vulg. and Rec. Text, the Plural.-ED.