John Bengel Commentary - Mark 2:26 - 2:26

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 2:26 - 2:26

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Mar 2:26. Ἐπὶ, Ἀβιάθαρ, under Abiathar) Ahimelech was the priest who gave loaves of bread to David; but on his being put to death for that very act, his son Abiathar presently after succeeded to him; and afterwards the priesthood of Abiathar and the reign of David were contemporary. The series of the priests was very well known among the Hebrews, and so the denomination of [the mode of marking] the age of David is taken from the priest of that day; and indeed the Evangelist mentions Abiathar, in whose time the actions of David seem to have been entered in the sacred records, in preference to Ahimelech; comp. the use of ἐπὶ, Mat 1:11. Not unlike is the phraseology, Gen 2:2, on the seventh day [God ended His work; we should have said, at the close of the sixth day], and ch. Mar 10:25, in the days of peleg (who was born a short while after) the earth was divided.