John Bengel Commentary - Mark 3:29 - 3:29

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 3:29 - 3:29

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Mar 3:29. Αἰωνίου ἁμαρτίας, everlasting guilt) Sin in this place denotes guilt; and everlasting sin or guilt is opposed with great propriety of language to forgiveness [It therefore carries with it the punishment consisting as well of (in) the feeling as also of (in) the penalty itself (damnation). V. g.-Ἀιωνίου κρίσεως [the reading of the Rec. Text] is a gloss.[29]

[29] A, however, supports it. But BL Vulg. and Memph., and bcd (‘delicti’) support ἁμαρτήματος. D reads ἁμαρτίας; and so a and Cypr. have ‘peccati.’-ED.