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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 3:7 - 3:7

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Mar 3:7. Ἀνεχώρησε, He withdrew) He avoided plots against Him, and yet He did not flee to a distance, nor in a fearful spirit, for He went to the sea [The particulars which Mark in this passage, Mar 3:7-19, records, he sets forth in the regular order of the narrative, and they are to be combined with Mat 4:24, etc. But the events which go before and follow in Mark, are parallel to the 12th. ch. of Matthew. Mark takes occasion [a handle] from the plots laid by His enemies, to record the withdrawal of the Saviour, Mar 3:7; and by that very fact, he returns in the meantime into the regular path from his digression, etc.-Harm., p. 238. The sea is mentioned in this verse; the house in Mar 3:19; and again the sea in ch. Mar 4:1. In this fashion Mark combines the histories of different times.-V. g.].