John Bengel Commentary - Mark 4:21 - 4:21

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 4:21 - 4:21

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Mar 4:21. Καὶ, and) Mar 4:24 is closely connected with Mar 4:20, and those that go before: therefore also this comes in between parenthetically; comp. Luk 8:16. In this sense, the earth covers for a considerably long time the seed committed to it; whereas you, on the contrary, ought to put forth into action the power of the word, which you have heard, immediately upon hearing it.-ὁλύχνος, a candle [torch-light]) So also Christ comes, together with His Gospel, as the true light. And a man himself ought to be, not the bushel, but the candlestick; comp. Luk 8:16-18.-κλίνην, a couch [not as Engl). Vers., [34] [35][36][37]) where food is taken.

[34] Vercellensis of the old ‘Itala,’ or Latin Version before Jerome’s, probably made in Africa, in the second century: the Gospels.

[35] Veronensis, do.

[36] Laudianus, do.: Acts.

[37] Cantabrigiensis, do.: the Gospels, Acts , , 3 d Ep. John.