John Bengel Commentary - Mark 5:35 - 5:35

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 5:35 - 5:35

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Mar 5:35. Ἀπὸ, from) The house of the ruler of the synagogue.-τὶ ἔτι, why any further) This is a strong affirmation of the fact of the daughter being dead. They suppose the ruler’s efforts to be vain and out of place.-σκὺλλεις, thou troublest) This verb is properly used of the trouble attending a journey; Luk 7:6; Luk 8:49. Herodian employs it of the difficult [severe] conveyance of captives, and of the setting out of an army. The walkings about of Jesus were then a perpetual σκυλμὸς, trouble [harass].-τὸν διδάσκαλον, the Master) There were therefore disciples of Jesus in the family of Jairus, and Jesus was the Teacher of the ruler of the synagogue.