John Bengel Commentary - Mark 5:41 - 5:41

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 5:41 - 5:41

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Mar 5:41. Ταλιθὰ κοῦμι, Talitha Cumi) Peter had remembered the precise words used by the Saviour; and it was from his mouth [dictation] that Mark is said to have written. Talitha was used but once; for Jesus, in raising the dead, did not employ Epizeuxis [repetition of the same word; see Append.], Luk 7:14; Joh 11:43. For His power was always instantaneous in its effect; comp. Num 20:11.-σοὶ λέγω, I say unto thee) This is not contained in Talitha Cumi, and yet it is with truth added.