John Bengel Commentary - Mark 5:9 - 5:9

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 5:9 - 5:9

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Mar 5:9. Λεγεὼν, Legion) An appellation by Synecdoche [see Append., the genus for the species]. There was one principal leader among them, and the rest were conjoined with him, constituting thus the legion: and this, whether he had previously borne this Latin name, before that he entered this man, or then first assumed it.-πολλοί ἐσμεν, we are many) Luke affirms this in his own words [not in the man’s or the demon’s], ch. Mar 8:30. If in one nest [dwelling] there can be so many, how many there must be in the whole aggregate throughout the World! [Mere number in itself does not produce protection (patronage).-V. g.]