John Bengel Commentary - Mark 6:20 - 6:20

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 6:20 - 6:20

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Mar 6:20. Ἐφοβεῖτο, feared) Holiness makes a man an object of reverential awe. John did not fear Herod.-εἰδὼς, knowing) This affords an argument for the truth of religion: the fear of the bad, and their reverence towards piety. [He did not, however, recognise him as a prophet. The estimate formed by men of the world does not reach to the main turning point of the truth. Judas himself, when now overwhelmed by the mists of despair, did not call Jesus the Christ, but the innocent blood.-V. g.]-συνετήρει, was guarding him [but Eng. Vers. observed him]) against Herodias.-πολλὰ-ἤκουε, many things-heard) And yet Herod was not a pious man.