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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:22 - 7:22

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Mar 7:22. Πλεονεξίαι) Πλεονεξία, πλεονέκτης, πλεονεκτέω, as involving the comparative by implication, denote a kind of mean between theft and rapine, viz., when you aim by various artifices to effect, that your neighbour of himself, but with injury to himself, may unwittingly or unwillingly offer, concede, and assign to you some possession which it is not right you should receive. Yet it approaches nearer to theft, and is more opposed to rapine or open violence; and it is a sin chiefly characteristic of the rich, as the two former are sins of the poor; 1Co 6:10; 1Co 5:10.-ἀσέλγεια) a diffuse wantonness [lasciviousness] of mind. Comp. the Syr[50] Version. This and an evil eye are contrary to the ninth and tenth commandments.-ὀφθαλμὸς πονηρὸς, an evil eye) envy and joy at the misfortunes of others.-ἀφροσύνη, foolishness) under which they were labouring, who are refuted in this passage: with this comp. Ye fools, Luk 11:40. This is the reason why foolishness is placed last of all, inasmuch as being that which renders even all the rest incurable. Human corruption has its seat not merely in the will [but in the understanding also. Comp. Mar 7:18.]

[50] yr. the Peschito Syriac Version: second cent.: publ. and corrected by Cureton, from MS. of fifth cent.