John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:25 - 7:25

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:25 - 7:25

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Mar 7:25. Ἀκούσασα, having heard) If faith could thus be originated by a mere rumour, how much more ought it to be by a text of Scripture, even though but a short one!-γὰρ, for) Referring to the words, He could not be hid, Mar 7:24. Jesus put Himself in her way, along with the help He meant to give her: but He so controlled the affair, that He seemed to have acted as He did towards this Grecian woman, as it were fortuitously, whereas He had undertaken this whole journey for her sake. Comp. Mat 18:12.-τὸ θυγάτριον, young daughter) Boys also are capable of being the subjects of demoniacal possession, ch. Mar 9:21; Mar 9:24 : as also heathens.