John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:34 - 7:34

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:34 - 7:34

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Mar 7:34. Ἐστέναξεν, He groaned) The power of sighs is great when the heart is straitened, στενῷ [whence στενάζω]. He who groans, γέμει.[54] This is a πάθος [not a feeling which we can command at will; see Append.]; for which reason we never find it said in the Psalms, I will sigh, as we find, I will pray, I will cry aloud, I will lament (flebo). Even sudden tears are not under our control. But I will lament, in the Psalms, is an act of deliberate purpose. [That groan moved the wretched sufferer, and awakened in him the desire of relief.-V. g.]-ἐφφαθὰ, Ephphatha) The first word heard by the deaf man.

[54] Γέμω, to be full of a thing; Latin, gemo. Comp. στένω, to straiten by over-fulness; hence to groan. This shows the connection of γέμω and gemo.-ED. and TRANSL.