John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:36 - 7:36

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 7:36 - 7:36

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Mar 7:36. Αὐτοῖς, them) Those who had borne the dumb man. It was rather the part of the spectators to publish it abroad. And yet the former [the bearers] also published the fame of it, Mar 7:37. Silence was wont especially to be enjoined on those who had been cured of the diseases.-μᾶλλον περισσότερον, the more exceeding abundantly) The comparative contained in the μᾶλλον, more, stands in antithesis to His prohibition: that in the περισσότερον, exceeding abundantly, stands in antithesis to the publishing of it, which they would have made, had there been no prohibition; comp. Php 1:23, note.