John Bengel Commentary - Mark 8:24 - 8:24

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 8:24 - 8:24

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Mar 8:24. Ὡς δένδρα, περιπατοῦντας,[1] as trees, walking) The blind man says, that it is by this alone [their walking] that he knows they are men, not trees, viz. because they walk.

[1] The fuller reading, ὅτι ὡς δένδρα ὁρῶ περιπατοῦντας, was preferred by the margin of the Ed. Maj., but the Ed. 2 and Vers. Germ. agree with the Gnomon.-E. B. ABC corrected later GLXΔ, have ὅτι and ὁρῶ. But Dabc omit both. Vulg., “homines velut arbores.” The Elzevir Rec. Text omit both.-ED. and TRANSL.