John Bengel Commentary - Mark 8:3 - 8:3

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 8:3 - 8:3

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Mar 8:3. Τινὲς, some of them) Those who had come a greater distance were more in want; and it is on account of these that even the rest are supplied with food. [This clause is also a portion of Jesus’ words.-V. g.] [μακρὀθεν, from far) impelled by a remarkable zeal.-V. g.]-ἥκουσι, they are come) The verb ἥκω signifies, in the present time [tense], I am already come, and I am here, rather than I am coming. They who have substituted ἥκασι in this passage, do not seem to have considered this force of the verb; see on Rev 2:25.[55]

[55] Tisch. reads εἰσίν instead of ἥκουσιν, with BLΔ Memph.; but Lachm. ἥκασι with AD; ‘venerunt,’ abc Vulg.-ED. and TRANSL.