John Bengel Commentary - Mark 9:40 - 9:40

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 9:40 - 9:40

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Mar 9:40. Ὑμῶν-ὑμῶν, you-on your part) Comp. ver. foll., Mat 12:27. Jesus spake in the first person plural as to external things; Luk 22:8; Luk 18:31 : but not so as to the internal principles of His kingdom [Joh 20:17]. He thus gently corrects the we-us of Mar 9:38.[7]-ἜΣΤΙΝ, is) He is speaking of those who undertake something for Christ’s sake.

[7] Lachm. agrees with Beng. in reading ὑμῶν-ὑμῶν here, Mar 9:40, with ADGabc Vulg. But Tisch. ἡμῶν-ἡμῶν with BCΔ Memph.-ED. and TRANSL.