John Bengel Commentary - Mark 9:44 - 9:44

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John Bengel Commentary - Mark 9:44 - 9:44

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Mar 9:44; Mar 9:46; Mar 9:48. Ὁποῦ, where) A most weighty repetition. The allusion is to the carcases, which are the food either of worms, or of the funeral pile. The worm expresses corruption; but this corruption is eternal, 2Th 1:9.-σκώληξ, the worm) Of the soul.-αὐτῶν, their) It is not expressed in Mark to what this word is to be referred. Therefore it is a quotation from Isaiah.[8]-οὐ τελευτᾷ, dieth not) The present.-πῦρ, the fire) of the body. Here we are to supply αὐτῶν, their.-οὐ σβέννυται, is not quenched) Either because it surely [certo] blazes [is kindled]; comp. 2Ki 22:17 : or because it blazes [burns] without rest day and night, Rev 14:11; Rev 20:10, and for ever; see the same passage. An alternation of torments, with respect to the degrees of torment, may be inferred from Isa 66:23-24 : but yet the torments shall be unceasing.[9]

[8] Isa 66:24, which furnishes the reference of the αὐτῶν here in Mark: “the men that have transgressed against me.”-ED and TRANSL.

[9] Tischend omits this whole Mar 9:44, with BCLΔ Memph. Lachm, retains it, with AD abcd Vulg. Iren. 165 [abcd Iren., however, read the future for the present, τελευτᾷ, σβέννυται]-ED. and TRANSL.