John Bengel Commentary - Philemon 1:16 - 1:16

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John Bengel Commentary - Philemon 1:16 - 1:16

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Phm 1:16. Οὐκέτι ὡς δοῦλον, no longer as a servant) He had been a servant.-ὑπὲρ δοῦλου, above a servant) This is equivalent to an epithet. But is connected with a brother: above a servant from whom thou art about to derive greater benefit than from a servant. Ὑπέρδουλος is a compound word according to Apollonius, 50:4, de Syntaxi, 100:3; but what it means, or whether it has any relation to the matter before us, I do not know.-ἀδελφὸν, brother) He does not add ὡς, as [which he had used before servant]. He evidently recommends him for a (true) brother.-ἀγαπητὸν, beloved) Love is borne to a brother and a friend, not to a servant.-μάλιστα ἐμοὶ) especially to me, before all others, who are however not excluded.-σοὶ) to thee, even before me: to me and thee are construed with a brother beloved. In the flesh he is ὑπὲρ δοῦλον, above a servant, a freedman (comp. ὑπὲρ, Phm 1:21); in the Lord, a brother.