John Bengel Commentary - Philemon 1:5 - 1:5

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John Bengel Commentary - Philemon 1:5 - 1:5

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Phm 1:5. Ἀκούων, hearing) Paul had gained over Philemon, Phm 1:19, and here he praises his consistent character. From Onesimus himself he might hear of his love and faith.-ἀγάπην-πίστιν-πρὸς-Ἰησοῦν καὶ εἰς-ἁγίους, love-faith-to-Jesus and unto-saints) So Eph 1:15 : but in this passage there is a Chiasmus in regard to Philemon. The first is connected with the fourth, the second with the third; but love is put in the first place, because it is to a specimen of love that he is exhorting Philemon, to whom the order of faith and love had been long known. Paul gives thanks to God for this blessed state of Philemon.