Vernon McGee Thru The Bible: 08 - RUTH

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Vernon McGee Thru The Bible: 08 - RUTH

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An addendum to the Book of Judges. A brochure of beauty. A bright picture on the black background of the judges.

WRITER: Samuel could have been the writer

KEY VERSE: Rth_3:18

THEME: The kinsman-redeemer


1. A love story without using the word “love.”

2. The story of a prodigal family who went to the far country.

3. The only example of the law of the kinsman-redeemer (Hebrew goel) in action. Also shows how other laws of the Mosaic system operated.

4. Furnishes the link between the tribe of Judah and David. The genealogy at the end of the book becomes a most important document. It is found again in the first chapter of Matthew.

5. A lovely picture of Christ and the church.


We prefer not to break up this beautiful love story with notes and outlines of extended length. However we refer the reader to our book, Ruth and Esther: Women of Faith in which we attempt to tell this love story with all of its tenderness, sweetness, and loveliness.


I. In the land of Moab, Chapter 1

II. In the field of Boaz, Chapter 2

III. On the threshing floor of Boaz, Chapter 3

IV. In the heart and home of Boaz, Chapter 4


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