Alexander Campbell The Christian System: CS - 00.1-TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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Alexander Campbell The Christian System: CS - 00.1-TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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Title Page.

•         Preface.

•         Preface to the Second Edition.

•         Chapter I: The Universe.

•         Chapter II: The Bible.

•         Chapter III: God.

•         Chapter IV: The Son of God.

•         Chapter V: The Spirit of God.

•         Chapter VI: Man As He Was.

•         Chapter VII: Man As He Is.

•         Chapter VIII: The Purposes of God Concerning Man.

•         Chapter IX: Religion for Man, and Not Man for Religion.

•         Chapter X: Sacrifice for Sin.

•         Chapter XI: The Attributes of a Real Sin-Offering.

•         Chapter XII: Christ the Light of the World.

•         Chapter XIII: The Lordship of the Messiah.

•         Chapter XIV: Faith in Christ.

•         Chapter XV: Repentance.

•         Chapter XVI: Baptism.

•         Chapter XVII: The Christian Confession of Faith.

•         Chapter XVIII: Conversion, Regeneration.

•         Chapter XIX: Christians Are Persons Pardoned, Justified, Sanctified, Adopted, Saved.

•         Chapter XX: The Gift of the Holy Spirit.

•         Chapter XXI: The Christian Hope.

•         Chapter XXII: The Doom of the Wicked.

•         Chapter XXIII: Summary of the Christian System of Facts.

•         Chapter XXIV: The Body of Christ.

•         Chapter XXV: The Christian Ministry.

•         Chapter XXVI: The Christian Discipline.

•         Chapter XXVII: Expediency.

•         Chapter XXVIII: Heresy.

•         Foundation of Christian Union.

•         Kingdom of Heaven.

•         Remission of Sins.

•         Regeneration.

•         Breaking the Loaf.

•         Concluding Addresses.