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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Chronicles

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Discourse Text Subject 1 Chronciles 383. 1Ch_4:10. The Prayer of Jabez 384. 1Ch_12:32. The Propriety of considering Times and Circumstances 385. 1Ch_16:7-15. David’s Thanksgiving at the carrying up of the Ark 386. 1Ch_16:43. David’s Attention to his Household 387. 1Ch_17:24. God’s Relation to his People 388. 1Ch_22:9-10. Solomon a Type of Christ 389. 1Ch_22:19. Seeking after God 390. 1Ch_28:9. David’s Advice to Solomon 391. 1Ch_29:2. David’s Preparation for the Temple 392. 1Ch_29:15 Saints Strangers on Earth 393. 1Ch_29:17. Uprightness of Heart required 394. 1Ch_29:17-18. Liberality in God’s Service commended