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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Corinthians

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Discourse Text Subject 1 Corinthians 1929. 1Co_1:4-9. The Blessings imparted by the Gospel 1930. 1Co_1:23-24. The true Light in which the Gospel is to be regarded 1931. 1Co_1:26-29. The Objects of God’s Call 1932. 1Co_1:30. Christ is All in All 1933. 1Co_2:2. Christ crucified, or evangelical Religion described 1934. 1Co_2:3. The Feelings of a faithful Minister 1935. 1Co_2:4-5. Apostolic Preaching 1936. 1Co_2:6. Wisdom of the Gospel 1937. 1Co_2:7. Mysteriousness of the Gospel 1938. 1Co_2:8. Ignorance of the Gospel, fatal 1939. 1Co_2:9-10. The Gospel a stupendous Mystery 1940. 1Co_2:10. The deep Things of God 1941. 1Co_2:12-13. Influences of the Spirit 1942. 1Co_2:14. The natural Mans Ignorance of divine Things 1943. 1Co_2:15-16. Advantages of the spiritual Man 1944. 1Co_3:5-7. Undue Partiality to Ministers reproved 1945. 1Co_3:11. Christ the only Foundation 1946. 1Co_3:12-15. Instructions to those who build upon the true Foundation 1947. 1Co_3:16-17. The Danger of defiling God’s Temple 1948. 1Co_3:18. The Means of attaining true Wisdom 1949. 1Co_3:21-23. The Christian’s Privileges 1950. 1Co_3:23. Believers are Christ’s Property 1951. 1Co_4:1-2. Ministers, the Lord’s Stewards 1952. 1Co_4:3-5. Paul’s Indifference to Men’s Judgment 1953. 1Co_4:7. God to be acknowledged in every thing 1954. 1Co_4:12-13. Paul’s Meekness 1955. 1Co_4:21. An important Alternative 1956. 1Co_5:6. Sin a malignant Leaven 1957. 1Co_5:7-8. Christ our Passover 1958. 1Co_6:9-11. God’s Mercy to the vilest Sinners 1959. 1Co_6:19-20. The Duty of denoting Ourselves to God 1960. 1Co_7:16. The Importance of Family Religion 1961. 1Co_7:24. Abiding in our Calling 1962. 1Co_7:29-31. Moderation in the Use of earthly Things inculcated. 1963. 1Co_7:32. Against Carefulness 1964. 1Co_8:2. Proper Accompaniments of Knowledge 1965. 1Co_9:16. Preaching the Gospel 1966. 1Co_9:19-23. The Nature and Extent of Christian Liberty 1967. 1Co_9:24. Directions for running our Race 1968. 1Co_9:26-27. The Manner in which St. Paul sought for Heaven 1969. 1Co_10:3-4. The Manna and Rock Types of Christ 1970. 1Co_10:11. The Judgments on the Israelites typical 1971. 1Co_10:12. Against Self-confidence. 1972. 1Co_10:13. The Security of God’s tempted People 1973. 1Co_10:15. Appeal to Men of Wisdom and Candour 1974. 1Co_10:15. On the Corruption of Human Nature 1975. 1Co_10:15. On the New Birth 1976. 1Co_10:15. On Justification by Faith 1977. 1Co_10:32-33. & 1Co_11:1. True Wisdom and Charity 1978. 1Co_11:24; 1Co_11:26. The Design and importance of the Lord’s Supper 1979. 1Co_11:27; 1Co_11:29. On eating and drinking our own Damnation 1980. 1Co_11:28. On the Preparation requisite before the Lord’s Supper 1981. 1Co_12:3. No Knowledge of Christ but by the Spirit 1982. 1Co_12:11. The Operations of the Holy Spirit 1983. 1Co_12:13. Christians one in Heart 1984. 1Co_12:31. Gifts and Graces compared 1985. 1Co_13:1-3. The Importance of Christian Charity 1986. 1Co_13:4-7. A Description of Charily 1987. 1Co_13:9-12. The Saints’ Vines in Heaven 1988. 1Co_13:13. Faith, Hope, and Charity, compared 1989. 1Co_15:1-2. Christ a dying and a risen Saviour 1990. 1Co_15:10. All of Grace 1991. 1Co_15:17-18. The Necessity of Christ’s Resurrection 1992. 1Co_15:22. Adam a Type of Christ 1993. 1Co_15:31. Dying daily 1994. 1Co_15:34. Shamefulness of being Ignorant of God 1995. 1Co_15:51-58. Death a conquered Enemy 1996. 1Co_16:13-14. Christian Counsel 1997. 1Co_16:22. Guilt and Danger of not loving Christ