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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 John

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Discourse Text Subject 1 John 2430. 1Jn_1:1-3. Benefits arising from Faith in Christ 2431. 1Jn_1:5-7. The Importance of being conformed to God’s Image 2432. 1Jn_1:8-9. Confession necessary to Forgiveness 2433. 1Jn_2:1-2. Advocacy and Atonement of Christ 2434. 1Jn_2:3-5. The true Test of Love to God 2435. 1Jn_2:6. Christ an Example to his Followers 2436. 1Jn_2:8. The true Light 2437. 1Jn_2:12-14. The different Growth and Privileges of God’s Children 2438. 1Jn_2:15-17. Love of the World forbidden 2439. 1Jn_2:19. True Grounds of a Christian’s Stability 2440. 1Jn_2:20. The Unction of the Holy One 2441. 1Jn_3:1. Believers are Sons of God 2442. 1Jn_3:2. The inestimable Privileges of Believers 2443. 1Jn_3:3. The Fruits and Effects of Hope 2444. 1Jn_3:5. Christ manifested to take away Sin 2445. 1Jn_3:8. The End of Christ’s Incarnation 2446. 1Jn_3:9. The Christian’s Deliverance from Sin 2447. 1Jn_3:14. Love of the Brethren 2448. 1Jn_3:16. The Love of Christ a Pattern for us 2449. 1Jn_3:17. No Love to God without Love to Man 2450. 1Jn_3:20-21. A good and evil Conscience 2451. 1Jn_3:23. Faith in Christ enjoined 2452. 1Jn_3:24. The mutual In-dwelling of God and his People 2453. 1Jn_4:4. God an effectual Help 2454. 1Jn_4:6. The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error 2455. 1Jn_4:9-10. Love of God in giving his Son for us 2456. 1Jn_4:14. Christ the Saviour of the World 2457. 1Jn_4:16. Distinctive Character of a Christian 2458. 1Jn_4:16. God is Love 2459. 1Jn_4:16-17. Believer’s resemblance to God in Love 2460. 1Jn_4:18. Influence and Importance of Love 2461. 1Jn_4:19. God’s Love the Source of ours 2462. 1Jn_5:3. The Commandments not grievous 2463. 1Jn_5:4-5. Overcoming the World 2464. 1Jn_5:6. Justification and Sanctification by Christ 2465. 1Jn_5:7. The Doctrine of the Trinity vindicated 2466. 1Jn_5:10. The Believer’s inward Witness 2467. 1Jn_5:11-12. The Gospel Record 2468. 1Jn_5:13. Use of the Scriptures to Believers 2469. 1Jn_5:14-15. Answers to Prayer 2470. 1Jn_5:20. The Christian’s Knowledge of Christ