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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Peter

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Discourse Text Subject 1 Peter 2379. 1Pe_1:1-2. Offices of the Holy Trinity 2380. 1Pe_1:3-5. Regeneration considered 2381. 1Pe_1:6-7. The End of Affliction 2382. 1Pe_1:8-9. The Christian’s Happiness 2383. 1Pe_1:10-12. The Importance of the Prophecies 2384. 1Pe_1:12. The Angels interested about the Gospel 2385. 1Pe_1:13. Directions how to seek Heaven with Success 2386. 1Pe_1:15-16. Necessity of Holiness 2387. 1Pe_1:17. The Necessity of holy Fear 2388. 1Pe_1:18-19. Redemption from a vain Conversation 2389. 1Pe_1:20-21. The Father’s Part in the Work of Redemption 2390. 1Pe_1:22. Love to the Brethren 2391. 1Pe_2:1-3. Growth in Grace is to be desired 2392. 1Pe_2:4-5. The Temple a Type 2393. 1Pe_2:6. Security of those who believe in Christ 2394. 1Pe_2:7. Christ precious to Believers 2395. 1Pe_2:7-10. The different States of Believers and Unbelievers 2396. 1Pe_2:13-17. Subjection to civil Government 2397. 1Pe_2:19-23. How to bear Injuries 2398. 1Pe_2:24. The vicarious Sacrifice of Christ 2399. 1Pe_2:25. The Nature of true Conversion stated 2400. 1Pe_3:12. God’s Disposition towards the Righteous and Wicked 2401. 1Pe_3:13-15. The Persecuted encouraged 2402. 1Pe_3:15. The Christian ready to give an Account of his Hope 2403. 1Pe_3:18. Nature and Ends of Christ’s Death 2404. 1Pe_3:21. Noah’s Ark a Type of Christ 2405. 1Pe_4:3. A worldly Life to be relinquished 2406. 1Pe_4:7. Nearness to Death a Motive to Watchfulness 2407. 1Pe_4:8. The Duty and Office of Christian Love 2408. 1Pe_4:12-16. Persecution for Christ’s sake 2409. 1Pe_4:17. The End of Unbelievers 2410. 1Pe_4:18. The Difficulty of Salvation 2411. 1Pe_4:19. Advice to the Persecuted or Tempted 2412. 1Pe_5:5. Humility inculcated 2413. 1Pe_5:7. The Duty of casting our Care on God 2414. 1Pe_5:8-9. Means of defeating Satan’s Malice 2415. 1Pe_5:10-11. God’s Goodness an Encouragement to Prayer