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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Samuel

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Discourse Text Subject 1 Samuel 282. 1Sa_2:1-10. Hannah’s Song of Thanksgiving 283. 1Sa_2:25. The Danger of neglecting the great Sacrifice 284. 1Sa_2:30. Eli’s Unfaithfulness reproved 285. 1Sa_3:18. Eli’s Submission to the Divine rebukes 286. 1Sa_4:13. Eli’s Anxiety for the Ark of God 287. 1Sa_6:20. The Ark returned to Bethshemesh 288. 1Sa_7:8-9. Samuel’s successful Intercession 289. 1Sa_7:12. Memorials of God’s Goodness 290. 1Sa_7:12. The Duty of commemorating God’s Mercies 291. 1Sa_7:15-17. Samuel’s judicial Character 292. 1Sa_10:12. Conversion a Ground of Joy 293. 1Sa_12:16-23. The Israelites’ Rejection of Samuel reproved 294. 1Sa_12:23-24. Devotion to God urged from a Sense of Gratitude 295. 1Sa_13:11-13. Saul’s Impatience 296. 1Sa_14:6. Jonathan’s Victory over the Philistines 297. 1Sa_15:11. Mourning for the Sins of others 298. 1Sa_15:13-16. Saul’s Self-deceit 299. 1Sa_15:22-23. Saul’s Disobedience and Punishment 300. 1Sa_16:7. God inspects the Heart 301. 1Sa_17:29. David’s Vindication of himself 302. 1Sa_17:45-46. David and Goliath 303. 1Sa_18:9. Saul’s Envy of David 304. 1Sa_20:3. David’s Fear of Saul 305. 1Sa_24:4-6. David’s Forbearance towards Saul 306. 1Sa_25:32-33. David kept from avenging himself on Nabal 307. 1Sa_27:1. The unbelieving Fears of David 308. 1Sa_28:15. The Witch of Endor 309. 1Sa_30:6. Encouragement in God