Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Thessalonians

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Charles Simeon Commentary - 1 Thessalonians

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Discourse Text Subject 1 Thessalonians 2191. 1Th_1:2-4. True Piety described 2192. 1Th_1:5. The Manner in which the Gospel becomes effectual 2193. 1Th_1:9-10. Scope and End of Christian Ministry 2194. 1Th_2:7-8. The Ministerial Character portrayed 2195. 1Th_2:11-12. The Duty of those who are called 2196. 1Th_2:13. A due Reception of the Gospel 2197. 1Th_2:19-20. Christians the Joy of their Ministers. 2198. 1Th_3:8. The People’s Stability is the Minister’s Comfort 2199. 1Th_3:9-10. A Minister’s Joy in his People 2200. 1Th_3:12-13. The Effect of Love on universal Holiness 2201. 1Th_4:1. Advancement in Holiness enforced 2202. 1Th_4:13-18. The Resurrection 2203. 1Th_5:1-8. Watchfulness enjoined 2204. 1Th_5:8. The Duties of Moderation and Watchfulness 2205. 1Th_5:16-18. The Nature of true Religion 2206. 1Th_5:19. Quenching the Spirit 2207. 1Th_5:21. Investigation of Truth recommended 2208. 1Th_5:22. Abstaining from all Appearance of Evil 2209. 1Th_5:23-24. Complete Sanctification to be sought after