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Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Chronicles

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Discourse Text Subject 2 Chronicles 395. 2Ch_5:13-14. Use of Church Music 396. 2Ch_6:7-8. God’s Acceptance of David’s good Desires 397. 2Ch_6:18. Condescension of God in becoming Incarnate 398. 2Ch_6:41. Dedication of the Temple 399. 2Ch_7:15-16. God’s Regard for his own House 400. 2Ch_11:13; 2Ch_11:16. The Duty of Protestants 401. 2Ch_12:7. Humiliation the Means of Deliverance 402. 2Ch_12:14. The Evil of neglecting Prayer 403. 2Ch_13:12. Abijah’s Remonstrance with Jeroboam 404. 2Ch_15:2. The Equity of the Divine Procedure 405. 2Ch_15:7-8. Encouragement to Exertion 406. 2Ch_15:12-15. Asa’s Covenant with God 407. 2Ch_16:9. God’s Regard for his People 408. 2Ch_17:9. The Royal Edict 409. 2Ch_19:2. Jehoshaphat’s Connexion with Ahab reproved 410. 2Ch_20:2-4. Prayer the best Means of defeating Invasion 411. 2Ch_20:20. Faith the Means of National and Personal Prosperity 412. 2Ch_22:3-4. The Danger of following evil Counsel 413. 2Ch_24:2. The Life and Character of Joash 414. 2Ch_24:14. The Re-opening of the Temple by King Jehoash 415. 2Ch_25:9. Amaziah’s Conflict between Duty and Interest 416. 2Ch_25:16. The Sin and Danger of despising God’s Counsel 417. 2Ch_26:5. Connexion between Diligence and Prosperity 418. 2Ch_26:15-16. The bad Effects of Prosperity 419. 2Ch_28:10. A Sense of Sinfulness a good corrective of evil Passions 420. 2Ch_28:22. The Conduct of Ahaz in his Distress 421. 2Ch_29:10-11. The Use of covenanting with God 422. 2Ch_29:20-29. Restoration of the Temple Worship by Hezekiah 423. 2Ch_29:31. After Confirmation 424. 2Ch_30:1-11. Hezekiah’s Zeal for the Glory of God 425. 2Ch_30:18-20. God’s Condescension to the Upright 426. 2Ch_30:22-23. Delight in Ordinances 427. 2Ch_31:20-21. Hezekiah’s Character 428. 2Ch_32:26. Humiliation for the Sin of the Heart 429. 2Ch_32:31. The Weakness and Depravity of Man 430. 2Ch_33:10-13. Manasseh’s Repentance 431. 2Ch_34:27. Josiah’s Penitence 432. 2Ch_36:15-16. Forbearance of God brought to a Close