Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Corinthians

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Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Corinthians

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Discourse Text Subject 2 Corinthians 1998. 2Co_1:3-4. The Trials and Consolations of Ministers useful to their People 1999. 2Co_1:12. The Testimony of a good Conscience. 2000. 2Co_1:13. The Churchman’s Confession, or an Appeal to the Liturgy 2001. 2Co_1:20. The Stability of the Promises 2002. 2Co_1:21-22. Different Operations of the Holy Spirit 2003. 2Co_2:11. The Devices of Satan exposed 2004. 2Co_2:15-16. The Importance of the Ministry 2005. 2Co_3:2-3. Christians are Epistles of Christ 2006. 2Co_3:5. The Extent of Man’s Impotency 2007. 2Co_3:6. The Letter that killeth, and the Spirit that giveth Life 2008. 2Co_3:6. The Law and the Gospel compared 2009. 2Co_3:7-11. The Glory of the Gospel above that of the Law 2010. 2Co_3:15-16. The future Conversion of the Jews 2011. 2Co_3:17. Christ the Soul of the entire Scriptures 2012. 2Co_3:18. Excellency and Efficacy of the Gospel 2013. 2Co_4:4-6. The Contest between God and Satan 2014. 2Co_4:7. Ministers, Bearers of a rich Treasure 2015. 2Co_4:11. The Trials of Christians the Means of magnifying their Lord 2016. 2Co_4:17-18. The Christian’s Experience in Affliction 2017. 2Co_5:1-5. The Christian’s assured Prospect of Glory 2018. 2Co_5:7. The Christian walking by Faith 2019. 2Co_5:10-11. The improvement to be made of the Doctrine of a future Judgment 2020. 2Co_5:14-15. The Constraining Power of Christ’s Love 2021. 2Co_5:17. The Christian a new Creature 2022. 2Co_5:19-20. The Ministry of Reconciliation 2023. 2Co_5:21. The Way of Reconciliation with God 2024. 2Co_6:1-2. The Grace of God not to be received in vain 2025. 2Co_6:4-10. The Character of a Christian Minister 2026. 2Co_6:10. Paradoxical Experience 2027. 2Co_6:11-13. Effects of the Gospel in enlarging the Heart 2028. 2Co_6:14-18. Separation from the World enjoined 2029. 2Co_7:1. Sanctification wrought by the Promises 2030. 2Co_7:3. The Grounds of a Minister’s Regard for his People 2031. 2Co_7:10-11. Repentance exemplified in the Corinthian Church 2032. 2Co_8:1-5. Liberality to the Poor 2033. 2Co_8:7-8. Liberality to the Pour recommended 2034. 2Co_8:9. The Grace of Christ 2035. 2Co_8:13-15. Liberality encouraged 2036. 2Co_9:12-15. The Benefit arising from Attention to the Poor 2037. 2Co_10:3-5. Efficacy of the Gospel 2038. 2Co_10:15-16. The faithful Minister’s Desires 2039. 2Co_10:18. The Folly of Pride and Boasting 2040. 2Co_11:2-3. Godly Jealousy the Duty of Ministers 2041. 2Co_11:23-29. St. Paul’s Zeal illustrated and improved 2042. 2Co_11:29. Christian Sympathy 2043. 2Co_12:7-9. The Success of fervent Prayer 2044. 2Co_12:10. A Sense of Weakness conducive to Strength 2045. 2Co_12:14. The Duty of Ministers 2046. 2Co_13:4. The Power of the risen Saviour 2047. 2Co_13:5. Self-examination recommended 2048. 2Co_13:14. The Apostolical Benediction