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Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 King

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Discourse Text Subject 2 Kings 356. 2Ki_1:11-12. Elijah calls down Fire from Heaven 357. 2Ki_2:9-12. Elijah’s Translation to Heaven 358. 2Ki_2:14. Elijah’s God 359. 2Ki_2:19-22. Elisha healing the Spring with a Cruse of Salt 360. 2Ki_2:23-24. Elisha mocked by the Children 361. 2Ki_3:27. The King of Moab sacrifices his Son 362. 2Ki_4:6. The Widow’s Oil increased 363. 2Ki_4:13. Contentment illustrated in the Shunamite 364. 2Ki_4:26. All the Dispensations of Providence are good 365. 2Ki_5:13. Naaman healed of his Leprosy 366. 2Ki_5:18-19. Naaman bowing in the House of Rimmon 367. 2Ki_5:21-22. The Hypocrisy of Gehazi 368. 2Ki_6:15-16. Elisha protected by Chariots of Fire 369. 2Ki_7:18-20. The unbelieving Lord punished 370. 2Ki_8:12. Elisha predicts the atrocious Acts of Hazael 371. 2Ki_9:36. The Destruction of Ahab’s Family by Jehu 372. 2Ki_10:16. True and False Zeal 373. 2Ki_10:30-31. The Character of Jehu 374. 2Ki_13:18-19. Elisha’s Reproof to Joash 375. 2Ki_17:33. The Bible Standard of Religion 370. 2Ki_18:4. Hezekiah destroys the brasen Ser 377. 2Ki_19:30-31. Hezekiah’s Deliverance from Sennacherib 378. 2Ki_20:2-3. Hezekiah’s Appeal to God 379. 2Ki_20:19. Hezekiah’s Resignation 380. 2Ki_20:19. The Benefits arising from Peace and Truth 381. 2Ki_23:3. Covenanting with God 382. 2Ki_23:25. The Character of Josiah