Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Peter

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Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Peter

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Discourse Text Subject 2 Peter 2416. 2Pe_1:1-2. Peter’s Salutation to the Saints 2417. 2Pe_1:3. Every Thing needful provided for us 2418. 2Pe_1:4. The Preciousness of the Promises 2419. 2Pe_1:5-9. The Christian’s Graces 2420. 2Pe_1:10-11. Making our Calling and Election sure 2421. 2Pe_1:12-15. A pastoral Admonition 2422. 2Pe_1:16. Truth and Certainty of the Gospel 2423. 2Pe_1:19. The Testimony of Prophecy 2424. 2Pe_2:4-9. God the Punisher of Sin 2425. 2Pe_2:20-21. Apostates in a worse State than ever 2426. 2Pe_3:7. The Day of Judgment 2427. 2Pe_3:8-9. God’s Forbearance 2428. 2Pe_3:10-14. The Day of Judgment 2429. 2Pe_3:17-18. Growth in Grace