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Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Samuel

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Discourse Text Subject 2 Samuel 310. 2Sa_3:31-34. The Death of Abner 311. 2Sa_6:6-9. Uzzah’s Punishment for touching the Ark 312. 2Sa_6:14. David dancing before the Ark 313. 2Sa_6:22. David dancing before the Ark 314. 2Sa_7:18-19. David’s Gratitude 315. 2Sa_7:27. The Promises an Encouragement to Prayer 316. 2Sa_12:1-7. Nathan’s Parable 317. 2Sa_12:13. David’s Humiliation and Acceptance 318. 2Sa_13:15. Amnon and Tamar 319. 2Sa_15:25-26. David driven from his Throne by Absalom 320. 2Sa_15:30. David’s Submission to his Afflictions 321. 2Sa_16:5-12. David’s Patience and Forbearance 322. 2Sa_18:33. David’s Lamentation over Absalom 323. 2Sa_19:34. The Shortness of Life a Ground for Indifference to the Things of this World 324. 2Sa_21:1. Famine a Punishment for Sin 325. 2Sa_23:1-4. The Equity of Christ’s Government 326. 2Sa_23:5. The Covenant of Grace 327. 2Sa_23:15-17. David’s Desire for the Water of the Well of Bethlehem 328. 2Sa_24:11-15. David numbering the People