Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Thessalonians

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Charles Simeon Commentary - 2 Thessalonians

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Discourse Text Subject 2 Thessalonians 2210. 2Th_1:3-7. The State of the Thessalonian Church 2211. 2Th_1:7-10. Christ’s Coming to judge the World 2212. 2Th_1:11-12. Meetness for Heaven desired 2213. 2Th_2:11-12. Progress of Unbelief 2214. 2Th_2:13-14. The Salvation of Men traced in its proper Source 2215. 2Th_2:16-17. God our Benefactor 2216. 2Th_3:1. The Spread of the Gospel 2217. 2Th_3:2. All Men hare not Faith 2218 2Th_3:5. St. Paul’s Benevolence 2219. 2Th_3:16. The Desirableness of Peace