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Charles Simeon Commentary - Acts

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Discourse Text Subject Acts 1735. Act_1:9-11. Christ’s Ascension 1736. Act_2:1-4. Out-pouring of the Spirit 1737. Act_2:32-33. Sending forth of the Holy Spirit 1738. Act_2:36. Jesus is the Christ 1739. Act_2:37-39. Repentance of the first Converts 1740. Act_2:40. Separation from the Ungodly 1741. Act_2:44-47. State of the Primitive Christians 1742. Act_3:6-8. The Cripple healed 1743. Act_3:14-15. Christ rejected 1744. Act_3:19. Repentance encouraged 1745. Act_3:22-23. Moses and Christ compared 1746. Act_3:26. Holiness the greatest Blessing 1747. Act_4:8-10. The Cripple healed by Peter 1748. Act_4:12. Salvation by Christ alone 1749. Act_4:18-20. Contest between Prejudice and Religion 1750. Act_4:27-28. Christ’s Sufferings fore-ordained 1751. Act_4:31-32. The Benefit of united Prayer 1752. Act_5:3-5. Ananias and Sapphira 1753. Act_5:20. The Duty of Ministers 1754. Act_5:30-32. The Ends of Christ’s Exaltation 1755. Act_5:41-42. The Magnanimity of the Apostles 1756. Act_7:22-23. The Zeal of Moses 1757. Act_7:59-60. The Death of Stephen 1758. Act_8:5-8. Philip preaches Christ in Samaria 1759. Act_8:23. The State of ungodly Men 1760. Act_8:35. Philip and the Eunuch 1761. Act_8:37. The Ethiopian Eunuch’s Confession 1762. Act_9:3-6. Conversion of St. Paul 1763. Act_9:11. Saul’s Prayer 1764. Act_9:39-40. Dorcas restored to Life 1765. Act_10:33. How to attend Ordinances 1766. Act_10:34-35. Salvation offered equally to all 1767. Act_10:38. Christ’s Diligence in benefiting Man 1768. Act_10:43. Leading Doctrines of the Gospel 1769. Act_11:13-14. Sufficiency of the Gospel Salvation 1770. Act_11:18. Life granted to the Gentiles 1771. Act_11:22-23. Duty of cleaving to the Lord 1772. Act_11:29-30. Benevolence of the Church of Antioch 1773. Act_12:5. Peter’s Deliverance from Prison 1774. Act_12:21-23. The Evil of Pride 1775. Act_13:9-11. Elymas the Sorcerer struck blind 1776. Act_13:26. The Word of Salvation delivered 1777. Act_13:32-33. The Resurrection of Christ glad Tidings 1778. Act_13:34. The sure Mercies of David 1779. Act_13:38-41. Danger of despising the Gospel Salvation 1780. Act_13:46-48. The Gentiles receive the Gospel 1781. Act_14:22. Tribulation the Way to Heaven 1782. Act_14:27. Success of the Gospel a Ground of Joy 1783. Act_15:10-11. The Ceremonial Law abrogated 1784. Act_15:36. Inquiry unto the State of the Church 1785. Act_16:14-15 The Conversion of Lydia 1786. Act_16:16-18. A Spirit of Divination cast out 1787. Act_16:29-31. The Conversion of the Jailor 1788. Act_17:2-5. Proofs that Jesus is the Messiah 1789. Act_17:11-12. Effects of Attention to the Gospel 1790. Act_17:30. Repentance enjoined 1791. Act_17:31. A Day appointed for Christ judge the World 1792. Act_18:17. The Character of Gallio 1793. Act_18:24-28. Character and Ministry of Apollos 1794. Act_19:15. The Power of Christ and his Gospel 1795. Act_19:18-20. Genuine Repentance 1796. Act_19:34. Heathen and Christian Zeal compared 1797. Act_20:7. Paul’s Sermon at Troas 1798. Act_20:17-21. Paul’s Appeal to the Ephesian Elders 1799. Act_20:24. Duty of Ministers 1800. Act_20:26-27. Ministerial Fidelity 1801. Act_20:31. Watchfulness recommended 1802. Act_20:32. A farewell Discourse 1803. Act_20:35. The Blessedness of Liberality 1804. Act_21:13. Paul’s readiness to suffer for Christ’s sake 1805. Act_21:20-23. Paul becoming a Nazarite 1806. Act_22:16. Conversion of St. Paul 1807. Act_24:14-15. Paul’s Vindication before Felix 1808. Act_24:16. A Conscience void of Offence 1809. Act_24:16. A Conscience void of Offence 1810. Act_24:25. Paul’s Discourse before Felix 1811. Act_26:17-18. Paul’s Commission 1812. Act_26:22-23. Paul’s Testimony 1813. Act_26:24-25. Paul’s Vindication of his Ministry 1814. Act_26:28-29. The almost and the real Christian 1815. Act_27:25. Paul’s Deliverance from Shipwreck 1816. Act_28:3-6. Paul bitten by a Viper, and uninjured 1817. Act_28:22. The Followers of Christ evil spoken of 1818. Act_28:28. The Gospel sent to the Gentiles