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Charles Simeon Commentary - Amos

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Discourse Text Subject Amos 1185. Amo_2:13. God’s Complaint against us 1186. Amo_3:3. Requisites for Friendship with God 1187. Amo_3:6. God the Source and Cause of all Things 1188. Amo_3:8. God’s Voice to Sinners 1189. Amo_4:11-12. Incorrigibleness reproved. 1190. Amo_5:8-9. God’s Condescension and Grace 1191. Amo_5:12. God knows our Sins 1192. Amo_6:1. Carnal Easc and Security reproved 1193. Amo_7:2-3. God’s Condescension to Prayer 1194. Amo_9:9. The Security of all God’s People 1195. Amo_9:11-12. Conversion of the Jews and Gentiles. 1196. Amo_9:13. The Millennial State