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Charles Simeon Commentary - Colossians

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Discourse Text Subject Colossians 2166. Col_1:3-6. Paul’s Commendation of the Gospel 2167. Col_1:9-18. Prayer for Growth in Grace 2168. Col_1:16-18. The Glory of Christ 2169. Col_1:19. The Fulness of Christ 2170. Col_1:21-23. Sanctification the End of Redemption 2171. Col_1:27. Christ in us, the Hope of Glory 2172. Col_1:28. Preaching Christ 2173. Col_2:1-2. Mystery of the Gospel to be searched out 2174. Col_2:3. The Fulness that is in Christ 2175. Col_2:6-7. The Character of Christians 2176. Col_2:9. Proper Deity of Christ 2177. Col_2:10-12. The Christian’s Completeness in Christ 2178. Col_2:13-15. Triumphs of the Cross 2179. Col_2:17. The Nature and Use of the Types 2180. Col_2:19. Holding the Head 2181. Col_3:1. Our Resurrection with Christ, a Motive to Heavenly-mindedness 2182. Col_3:2. Heavenly mindedness 2183. Col_3:3-4. The exalted State of a Christian 2184. Col_3:11. Christ is All 2185. Col_3:11. The Importance of Sanctification 2186. Col_3:12-14. Christian Constancy displayed 2187. Col_3:16. Love to the Scriptures recommended 2188. Col_3:17. Doing All in the Name of Christ 2189. Col_3:18Col_4:1. The Relative Duties explained 2190. Col_4:12. The Character and Aim of a Christian Minister