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Charles Simeon Commentary - Colossians 2:6 - 2:7

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Col_2:6-7. As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him; rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.

THE greatest joy of a faithful minister is to see his people flourish. The Apostles were eminent examples to us in this respect [Note: St. Paul was no less comforted with the piety of some, 2Co_7:4. than he was grieved with the want of it in others, Rom_9:2. Gal_4:19. See also 3 John, ver. 4.]. St. Paul was as solicitous for the welfare of those whom he had only heard of by report, as for those who had been converted by his ministry [Note: ver. 1, 5.]. Hence he took occasion from what they had attained to urge them on to increasing watchfulness and assiduity. Mark here,

I.       The Christian’s character—

Christ is the gift of God to man [Note: Joh_4:10.]. That gift the Christian has received—

[He has felt his need of it; he has implored of God to bestow it on him, and has received it for all the ends and purposes for which it has been conferred on sinful man — — — He has received Christ in all his offices, as “Christ Jesus, the Lord.”]

He is the only person in the universe that has received it—

[Others regard it not: yea, they rather refuse it, and pour contempt upon it. They would rather earn salvation by some efforts of their own, than stand indebted for it to the free gift of God in Christ Jesus — — — But the Christian values nothing in comparison of it; and, in obtaining it, considers himself richer, than if the whole world were conferred upon him — — — Let him only be able to say, “My Beloved is mine, and I am his,” and he desires no more. In possessing Christ, he possesses all things [Note: 1Co_3:22-23.].”]

In connexion however with this gift we must notice,

II.      His duty—

Privilege and duty are inseparable. Though we receive all from God as a free gift, we yet have duties to perform. If we have received Christ, we must “walk in him:”

1.       In dependence on him—

[“In Christ is every thing treasured up for us:” and “we must receive every thing out of his fulness.” There must be no dependence whatever upon ourselves, but an entire reliance “on him for wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption.” Our whole life must be one continued act of “faith in the Son of God, who loved us, and gave himself for us [Note: Gal_2:20.].”]

2.       In conformity to him—

[As he is to us a source of all spiritual blessings, so is he unto us an example to which we must be conformed. His zeal for God must be transfused into our souls, and his love to man be copied in the whole of our intercourse with mankind [Note: Joh_4:34. 1Jn_3:16.]. If we profess to “abide in him, we must walk in all things as he walked [Note: 1Jn_2:6].”]

But this duty is, in fact,

III.     His privilege—

The diversity of metaphors in this passage greatly enriches the subject, without at all distracting our minds. Our duty and our privilege are to walk in Christ,

1.       Firmly—

[The use of a root is, not only to convey nourishment to the branches, but to keep the tree steadfast amidst all the storms and tempests by which it may be assailed. And we, so far from being cast down by all the storms that may assault us, must take occasion from them to shoot our roots more deeply into this divine soil, and to take more firm hold of him by whom alone we can be upheld.]

2.       Progressively—

[The idea of walking necessarily imports progress, as does that of building also. Now, no man is content with laying a foundation: he will go on to build upon it a superstructure, till at last he has completed the edifice. Thus must we also do when we receive Christ into our souls: we must build upon him all our hopes, and never cease to increase in love to him, till we have attained that complete form and size, which the all-gracious Architect has ordained [Note: Eph_2:20-22.].]

3.       Triumphantly—

[Grounds for sorrow we shall have, no doubt, whilst this great work is carrying forward; but we shall have abundant cause also for praise and thanksgiving. Be it so; our trials are great both from within and from without. But can we reflect on the gift bestowed upon us, and not be thankful? or can we contemplate the blessings attached to that gift, and not be thankful? I say then, that “thanksgiving and the voice of melody” should be heard from us, every step we take, from the beginning of our course even to the end [Note: Isa_51:3.].]


To you, even to every one amongst you, is offered this inestimable gift—

[They who have received this gift were once as destitute and unworthy as any of you: and there is not any one amongst you, however destitute and unworthy, but may be enriched with it, if only you cry unto your God, and seek the Saviour with your whole hearts [Note: Isa_55:1-3.] — — —]

If you possess it, see that you labour to walk worthy of it—

[Never imagine that privilege either is, or can be, unconnected with duty. Nor ever imagine your course of duly closed, till you shall have attained the full measure of that piety, which your union with Christ was ordained to convey.]