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Charles Simeon Commentary - Daniel

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Discourse Text Subject Daniel 1123. Dan_2:44. The Stone that become a Mountain 1124. Dan_3:28. The Hebrew Youths in the fiery Furnace 1125. Dan_4:34-37. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream verified and improved 1126. Dan_5:5-6. Belshazzar warned of his impending Ruin 1127. Dan_5:22. Impenitence reproved 1128. Dan_5:23. Belshazzar’s Impiety and ours compared 1129. Dan_5:27. Scripture Balances 1130. Dan_5:30. Belshazzar’s Death 1131. Dan_6:5. Character of Daniel 1132. Dan_6:10. Daniel’s undaunted Piety 1133. Dan_6:25-27. The Decree of Darius 1134. Dan_7:9-10. The Destruction of Popery 1135 Dan_7:18. The Reign of the Saints 1136. Dan_9:3. Fasting and Prayer 1137. Dan_9:3-7. Daniel’s Confession 1138. Dan_9:3-10. Humiliation exemplified and enforced 1139. Dan_9:17-23. The Answer to Daniel’s Prayer 1140. Dan_9:24. The Time and Ends of Christ’s Advent 1141. Dan_12:2-3. Different States of Men in the last Judgment