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Charles Simeon Commentary - Deuteronomy

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Discourse Text Subject Deuteronomy 185. Deu_1:11. The Prosperity of Zion desired 186. Deu_1:21. Victory assured to the true Israel 187. Deu_2:7. God’s continued Mercies to us 188. Deu_3:23-28. Moses views Canaan from Pisgah 189. Deu_3:27-28. Joshua a Type of Christ 190. Deu_4:7-9. Moses’s solemn Charge to Israel 191. Deu_5:28-29. Excellency of the Liturgy 192. Deu_5:28-29. Excellency of the Liturgy 193. Deu_5:28-29. Excellency of the Liturgy 194. Deu_5:28-29. Excellency of the Liturgy 195. Deu_6:10-12. The Danger of Prosperity 196. Deu_7:6-10. A right Improvement of Electing Love 197. Deu_8:2-3. The Reasons of God’s diversified Dealings with his People 198. Deu_9:4-6. Against Self-righteousness and Self-conceit 199. Deu_9:7. A penitential Retrospect enjoined 200. Deu_10:1-2. The replacing of the two Tables of the Covenant 201. Deu_10:12-13. Reasonableness and Excellency of God’s Commands 202. Deu_10:14-16. The Electing Love of God an incentive to Holiness 203. Deu_11:18-21. The Scriptures recommended to us 204. Deu_11:26-28. The great Alternative 205. Deu_12:23-25. The Prohibition of eating Blood 206. Deu_13:1-3. The Jews’ leading Objection to Christianity considered 207. Deu_13:6-11. Guilt and Danger of departing from God 208. Deu_15:7-11. The Duty of Charity enforced 209. Deu_15:12-15. The Release of Bond-servants 210. Deu_15:16-17. The Servant devoting himself to his Master’s Service 211. Deu_16:3. Redemption to be ever borne in mind 212. Deu_18:13. Christian Perfection 213. Deu_21:6-8. The Method of expiating an unknown Murder 214. Deu_23:3-4. Benevolence towards God’s ancient People 215. Deu_23:5. God’s Care for his People 216. Deu_24:19-22. Gleaning, a Divine Ordinance 217. Deu_26:3-6. Gratitude to God enforced 218. Deu_26:17-19. Covenanting with God explained 219. Deu_27:26. The Extent and Excellency of the Moral Law 220. Deu_28:58-59. The Duty of fearing God 221. Deu_29:4. Men’s Blindness in spiritual Things 222. Deu_29:19-20. Danger of carnal Security 223. Deu_29:29. Secret Things belong to God 224. Deu_30:4-6. The Restoration and Conversion of the Jews 225. Deu_30:11-14. The Way of Salvation plain and easy 226. Deu_30:11-14. The Gospel clearly contained in the Old Testament 227. Deu_30:19. A Faithful Minister’s Appeal 228. Deu_31:6. Moses’ encouraging Address to Israel 229. Deu_31:14. The Approach of Death 230. Deu_31:19. The Song of Moses a Witness against the Jews 231. Deu_32:1-4. The Character of Jehovah 232. Deu_32:9-12. God’s Regard for his People 233. Deu_32:21. The Jews moved to Jealousy by the Gentiles 234. Deu_32:31. The Excellency of Jehovah 235. Deu_32:34-35. Judgment near at hand 236. Deu_32:36. Our Extremity is God’s Opportunity 237. Deu_32:39. God the only Author of Good and Evil 238. Deu_32:46-47. A Minister’s Dying Charge to his People 239. Deu_33:8-9. The Blessing bestowed on the Tribe of Levi 240. Deu_33:12. The Privilege of those who live near to God 241. Deu_33:25. Strength according to our Days 242. Deu_33:29. The Happiness of God’s People