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Charles Simeon Commentary - Ephesians

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Discourse Text Subject Ephesians 2092. Eph_1:3-12. Thanks to God far his Sovereign Grace and Mercy 2093. Eph_1:7-8. The Wisdom of God in Redemption 2094. Eph_1:13-14. The Sealing of the Spirit 2095. Eph_1:15-20. The Spirit’s Influences as a Spirit of Wisdom 2096. Eph_1:20-23. Christ the Head of the Church 2097. Eph_2:3. Original Sin stated, and improved 2098. Eph_2:4-7. The Riches of Divine Grace displayed 2099. Eph_2:8-10. Salvation by Grace not hostile in good Works 2100. Eph_2:12-13. The States of the Regenerate and the Unregenerate contrasted 2101. Eph_2:18. Access to God the Priesthood 2102. Eph_2:19-22. Exalted Privileges of true Christians Eph_3:8. Richness and Fulness of the Gospel [Inserted under 1 Tim. i. 11] 2103. Eph_3:10. Angels made wiser by the Gospel 2104. Eph_3:14-19. Prayer the Means of the richest Blessings Eph_3:18-19. Excellency and Glory of the Gospel [Inserted under 1 Tim. i. 11.] 2105. Eph_3:20-21. God’s Power to bless his People 2106. Eph_4:1-3. A consistent Walk enjoined 2107. Eph_4:4-6. Christian Unity 2108. Eph_4:7-8. The Ascension of Christ 2109. Eph_4:11-16. The Use of a stated Ministry 2110. Eph_4:20-21. Education and Walk of Christians 2111. Eph_4:22-24. The Old Man and the New 2112. Eph_4:30. Grieving the Spirit 2113. Eph_4:32. Forgiveness of Sins 2114. Eph_5:2. Christ’s Love, a Pattern for ours 2115. Eph_5:5-7. Fatal Consequences of indulged Sin 2116. Eph_5:8. A consisted Walk enjoined 2117. Eph_5:9. Practical Christianity 2118. Eph_5:14. An Exhortation to careless Sinners 2119. Eph_5:15-16. Redeeming the Time 2120. Eph_5:18-20. The Believer filled with the Holy Ghost 2121. Eph_5:21-33. The Marriage Union 2122. Eph_5:25-27. The perfecting of the Church is the End of all that Christ has done for it 2123. Eph_5:30. Union with Christ 2124. Eph_5:32. Union between Christ and his People 2125. Eph_6:10. The Christian’s Strength 2126. Eph_6:11. The Means of withstanding Satan’s Wiles 2127. Eph_6:12-13. To withstand the Power of Satan 2128. Eph_6:14. The Christian’s Girdle 2129. Eph_6:14. The Christian’s Breast-plate 2130. Eph_6:14-15. The Christian’s Greaves 2131. Eph_6:16. The Christian’s Shield 2132. Eph_6:17. The Christian’s Helmet 2133. Eph_6:17. The Christian’s Sword 2134. Eph_6:18. The Importance of Prayer