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Charles Simeon Commentary - Exodus

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Discourse Text Subject Exodus 63. Exo_3:2-3. The Burning Bush 64. Exo_3:12. God’s Presence with his People 65. Exo_3:14. The Self-Existence and Immutability of God 66. Exo_4:10-14. Moses declining the Commission given him 67. Exo_5:2. Pharaoh’s Impiety 68. Exo_5:17-18. The Opposition that is made to Religion, 69. Exo_6:9. The Despondency of Israel 70. Exo_7:3. God hardening Pharaoh’s Heart 71. Exo_9:16. Pharaoh’s Elevation to the Throne of Egypt 72. Exo_9:20-21. The Danger of disregarding the Word of God 73. Exo_10:3. On delaying our Repentance 74. Exo_10:23. Distinguishing Privileges of the Lord’s People 75. Exo_11:7. God puts a Difference between his People and others 76. Exo_12:41-42. Redemption celebrated 77. Exo_12:3-11. The Passover 78. Exo_12:21-23. Deliverance of the Israelites from the Destroying Angel 79. Exo_13:14-16. Redemption of the First-born 80. Exo_13:17-18. God’s Condescension to his People’s Weakness 81. Exo_13:21-22. The Pillar and the Cloud 82. Exo_14:15. The Command given to the Israelites in their Straits 83. Exo_14:31. Israel’s Deliverance at the Red Sea 84. Exo_15:11. The Character of God 85. Exo_15:24-25. The Waters of Marah sweetened 86. Exo_15:26. Christ the Healer of his People 87. Exo_16:16-18. Scriptural Equality 88. Exo_16:35. Sending of the Manna 89. Exo_17:5-6. Moses striking the Rock 90. Exo_17:11. The History of the Jews typical of Christian Experience 91. Exo_19:3-6. Moses’ Message to the Israelites 92. Exo_20:18-19. The Giving of the Law 93. Exo_23:13. On Circumspection 94. Exo_23:20-22. The Danger of willful and obstinate Disobedience 95. Exo_23:29-30. The Victories of Israel gradual and progressive 96. Exo_24:6-8. God’s Covenant with Israel 97. Exo_24:11. A Sight of God is a Feast to the Soul 98. Exo_25:8-9. The Command to build the Tabernacle 99. Exo_28:29-30. Aaron’s Breast-Plate 100. Exo_28:36-38. Aaron’s Mitre 101. Exo_30:7-10. The Altar of Incense 102. Exo_30:14-16. The Atonement-Money 103. Exo_30:25-31. The Anointing Oil 104. Exo_31:6. God the Source of all Wisdom 105. Exo_32:19-20. Moses’ Indignation against the Worshippers of the Golden Calf 106. Exo_32:26. The Lord’s People to be decided and firm 107. Exo_32:31-33. Moses intercedes for Israel 108. Exo_33:5-6. Repentance of the Israelites 109. Exo_33:12-13. Past Mercies pleaded before God 110. Exo_33:14. God’s Presence with his Church 111. Exo_33:18-19. God’s Goodness his Glory 112. Exo_34:5-7. The Perfections of God 113. Exo_34:14. Jehovah a jealous God 114. Exo_34:23-24. The three yearly Feasts at Jerusalem 115. Exo_34:35. The Veil of Moses 116. Exo_34:5-7. The Offerings for the Tabernacle 117. Exo_40:1-2. The Tabernacle Service commenced 118. Exo_40:33-34. Erecting of the Tabernacle