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Charles Simeon Commentary - Ezekiel

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Discourse Text Subject Ezekiel 1096. Eze_2:4. Commission given to Ministers 1097. Eze_7:5-9 Approaching End of God’s Forbearance 1098. Eze_8:15. Hidden Abominations exposed 1099. Eze_9:4. Duty and Benefit of mourning for sin 1100. Eze_11:5. The Omniscience of God 1101. Eze_11:23. Departure of God from his Temple 1102. Eze_12:23. Death and Eternity near at hand 1103. Eze_13:10-12. Delusive Confidence reproved 1104. Eze_14:4. Heart Idolatry condemned 1105. Eze_16:62-63. The Effect of God’s Mercy on the renewed Soul 1106. Eze_17:22-24. Parable of the Twig of a Cedar 1107. Eze_18:25-30. Equity of God in his Judgments 1108. Eze_20:37. Conversion, in its Commencement and Progress 1109. Eze_20:40-44. Restoration of the Jews, and the Conversion of a Soul, Compared 1110. Eze_20:49. Men’s Treatment of the Gospel 1111. Eze_33:8. Office and Responsibility of Ministers 1112. Eze_33:11. God expostulating with Sinners 1113. Eze_33:31-32. The Self-deception of covetous Professors 1114. Eze_34:16. Christ’s Execution of his Pastoral Office 1115. Eze_34:23-24 David a Type of Christ 1116. Eze_34:29. Christ the Plant of Renown 1117. Eze_36:24-28. Out-pouring of the Spirit on the Jews 1118. Eze_36:31. The Duty of Self-lothing 1119. Eze_36:32. God’s Mercies not given for our Merits 1120. Eze_37:1-6. Universal Restoration of the Jews 1121. Eze_37:11-13. Souls quickened by the Gospel 1122. Eze_37:15-22. The Sticks of Judah and of Ephraim joined