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Charles Simeon Commentary - Galatians

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Discourse Text Subject Galatians 2049. Gal_1:4. The great Object of Christ’s coming 2050. Gal_1:8-9. The Importance of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith alone 2051. Gal_1:10. Men-pleasers reproved 2052. Gal_1:15-16. Conversion, and its Effects 2053. Gal_1:23-24. God glorified in his People 2054. Gal_2:5. Christian and Unchristian Pertinacity 2055. Gal_2:10. Remembering the Poor 2056. Gal_2:14-16. Peter reproved by Paul 2057. Gal_2:19. True Use of the Law 2058. Gal_2:20. The Christian crucified with Christ 2059. Gal_3:1. Departing from the simple Gospel 2060. Gal_3:8-9. The Gospel preached to Abraham 2061. Gal_3:10. Spirituality and Sanctions of the Law 2062. Gal_3:13. Redemption by Christ 2063. Gal_3:19. The Uses of the Law 2064. Gal_3:19. The Spirituality of the Law 2065. Gal_3:19. The first Use of the Law 2066. Gal_3:19. The Law, a Schoolmaster, to bring us to Christ 2067. Gal_3:19. The third Use of the Law, as a Rule of Life 2068. Gal_3:21-26. The true Use of the Law 2069. Gal_3:27-29. Benefits and Obligations of Baptism 2070. Gal_4:4-5. The Time and Manner of Christ’s Incarnation 2071. Gal_4:6. The Spirit of Adoption 2072. Gal_4:11. Ministers labouring in vain 2073. Gal_4:18. The Nature and Importance of Christian Zeal 2074. Gal_4:19-20. A Minister’s chief Wish for his People 2075. Gal_4:22-24. Sarah and Hagar Types 2076. Gal_4:30. Justification by Faith maintained 2077. Gal_5:1. Liberty of the Christian 2078. Gal_5:2-4. Self-righteousness reproved 2079. Gal_5:5. The Righteousness of Faith 2080. Gal_5:6. The Office and Operation of Faith 2081. Gal_5:11. Offence of the Cross 2082. Gal_5:16. Walking in the Spirit 2083. Gal_5:17. The Principles of Flesh and Spirit considered 2084. Gal_5:18. The Christian freed from the Law 2085. Gal_5:19-24. The Fruit of the Flesh and of the Spirit contrasted 2086. Gal_5:25. Walking in the Spirit 2087. Gal_6:2. Benevolence recommended 2088. Gal_6:3-5. Against self-deceit 2089. Gal_6:7-8. The Ground of God’s final Decision 2090. Gal_6:9. Steadfastness in Duties 2091. Gal_6:14. The Cross of Christ 2134. Gal_6:18. The Importance of Prayer