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Charles Simeon Commentary - Genesis

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Discourse Text Subject Genesis 1. Gen_1:26. Creation of Man 2. Gen_2:2-3. Appointment of the Sabbath 3. Gen_2:16-17. Covenant made with Adam 4. Gen_3:4. The Serpent beguiling Eve 5. Gen_3:6-7. The Fall of Man 6. Gen_3:11-13. Excuses made by our first Parents, after their Fall 7. Gen_3:15. The Seed of the Woman 8. Gen_3:21-24. The Way of Salvation illustrated to our first Parents 9. Gen_4:8-10. The Death of Abel 10. Gen_4:26. Institution of Public Worship 11. Gen_5:24. Enoch’s Walking with God 12. Gen_6:3. Strivings of the Spirit 13. Gen_6:5. Extent of Man’s Wickedness Genesis 14. Gen_6:6-7. God’s Determination to destroy Man 15. Gen_6:22. Noah’s Obedience 16. Gen_7:1. Preservation of Noah 17. Gen_9:12-16. God’s Covenant with Noah 18. Gen_11:4-8. Confusion of Tongues 19. Gen_12:1-4. Call of Abram 20. Gen_12:5. Abram’s Journey to Canaan 21. Gen_13:8-11. Separation of Abram and Lot 22. Gen_14:18-20. Melchizedec blessing Abram 23. Gen_15:1. Encouragement to the Fearful 24. Gen_15:5-6. Abram justified by Faith 25. Gen_15:8. Covenant Confirmed to Abram 26. Gen_16:13. The Omniscience of God 27. Gen_17:9-10. Circumcision of Abraham 28. Gen_18:13-14. Sarah reproved for Her Unbelief 29. Gen_18:19. Abraham’s Care of his Family 30. Gen_18:32. Abraham’s Intercession for Sodom 31. Gen_19:17. Lot delivered out of Sodom 32. Gen_20:9. Abraham reproved for denying his Wife 33. Gen_21:9-10. Abraham casting out Hagar and Ishmael 34. Gen_22:6-10. Isaac a Type of Christ 35. Gen_22:12. Importance of Evidences 36. Gen_22:14. Jehovah-jireh, the Lord will provide 37. Gen_22:18. Abraham’s promised Seed 38. Gen_23:17-18. Abraham purchasing a Burying-Place in Canaan 39. Gen_24:2-4. Marriage of Isaac 40. Gen_25:23. Jacob preferred before Esau 41. Gen_25:32. The Birthright typical of the Christian’s Portion 42. Gen_27:35. Jacob obtaining the Blessing 43. Gen_28:12-13. Jacob’s Vision a Type of the Ministration of Angels to Christ 44. Gen_28:15. The Manner in which God dispenses his Favours 45. Gen_28:16-19. Jacob’s Pillar at Beth-el 46. Gen_28:20-22. Jacob’s Vow 47. Gen_32:26. Jacob pleading with God 48. Gen_33:4. Reconciliation of Esau and Jacob 49. Gen_34:31. Slaughter of the Shechemites 50. Gen_37:4. Joseph envied by his Brethren 51. Gen_39:9. The Need of fleeing from Sin with Abhorrence 52. Gen_40:23. Ingratitude of Pharaoh’s Butler 53. Gen_41:41. Joseph’s Advancement 54. Gen_42:21. The Power of Conscience 55. Gen_42:36. Jacob’s unbelieving Fears 56. Gen_45:8. God viewed in Joseph’s Advancement, 57. Gen_45:27-28. Jacob’s Resolution to visit Joseph in Egypt 58. Gen_47:7-10. Jacob’s Interview with Pharaoh 59. Gen_48:15-16. Jacob blessing the Sons of Joseph 60. Gen_49:10. Christ the true Shiloh 61. Gen_49:22-24. Joseph a Type of Christ 62. Gen_50:15-17. Joseph’s Brethren fulfilling the Prophecy respecting them