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Charles Simeon Commentary - Hebrews

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Discourse Text Subject Hebrews 2268. Heb_1:3. Christ’s Ascension to Glory 2269. Heb_1:6. Christ’s Incarnation 2270. Heb_1:8. Excellency of Christ’s Person and Government 2271. Heb_1:10-12. Christ’s Superiority to Angels 2272. Heb_1:14. The Ministry of Angels 2273. Heb_2:3. Greatness of the Gospel Salvation 2274. Heb_2:6-8. Christ’s Superiority to Angels 2275. Heb_2:10. Sufferings of the Messiah necessary 2276. Heb_2:14-15. The Ends of Christ’s Incarnation 2277. Heb_2:18. Christ’s Power to succour the Tempted 2278. Heb_3:1. Names and Offices of Christ 2279. Heb_3:5-6. Christ’s Superiority to Moses 2280. Heb_3:12-14. Against departing from God 2281. Heb_4:1. Canaan typical of the Believer’s spiritual and eternal Rest 2282. Heb_4:2. The Reason why Men are so little profited by the Gospel 2283. Heb_4:9. The Rest that remains for God’s People 2284. Heb_4:12. The Word of God quick and powerful 2285. Heb_4:13. God sees oar inmost Thoughts 2286. Heb_4:15-16. Encouragement derived from the Character of Christ 2287. Heb_5:7-9. Christ benefited by his own Sufferings 2288. Heb_5:11-14. The slow Progress of many reproved 2289. Heb_6:1-3. Going on to Perfection 2290. Heb_6:4-6. The Danger of Apostasy 2291. Heb_6:7-8. The Difference between fruitful and barren Professors 2292. Heb_6:9-11. The Things that accompany Salvation 2293. Heb_6:12. Exhortation to Diligence 2294. Heb_6:17-18. The City of Refuge 2295. Heb_6:19-20. The Christian’s Anchor 2296. Heb_7:1-3. Melchizedec a Type of Christ 2297. Heb_7:19. The Superiority of the Christian above the Mosaic Dispensation 2298. Heb_7:25. Christ’s Priesthood, and Ability to Save 2299. Heb_7:26. Christ, a suitable High-priest 2300. Heb_8:6. Christ the Mediator of the New Covenant 2301. Heb_9:11-12. Christ above the Levitical Priests 2302. Heb_9:13-14. Jewish Sacrifices typical of Christ’s 2303. Heb_9:22. No Remission without Blood 2304. Heb_9:23. Use of Typical Purifications 2305. Heb_9:24. The Holy of Holies, a Type 2306. Heb_9:26. Christ’s Appearance to take away Sin 2307. Heb_9:27-28. Christ’s second Coming 2308. Heb_10:3. Seasons of Penitence recommended 2309. Heb_10:5-10. Christ superseding the legal Sacrifices 2310. Heb_10:14-17. The Perfection of Christ’s Sacrifice 2311. Heb_10:19-22. The Way of Access to God through the Vail 2312. Heb_10:23-25. Steadfastness and Activity in God’s Service inculcated 2313. Heb_10:26-31. The Evil and Danger of Apostasy 2314. Heb_10:32. The Benefit of fast Experience 2315. Heb_10:35-36. Patient Fortitude required 2316. Heb_10:38-39. True Means of Persevering to the End 2317. Heb_11:1. The Nature of Faith 2318. Heb_11:4. Abel’s Offering instructive to us 2319. Heb_11:5. Enoch’s Translation 2320. Heb_11:6. The Necessity of Faith 2321. Heb_11:7. Noah’s Faith 2322. Heb_11:8-10. Abraham’s Life a Pattern for ours 2323. Heb_11:13. The Practical Efficacy of Faith 2324. Heb_11:16. The Christian’s Desire 2325. Heb_11:17-19. Abraham offering up Isaac 2326. Heb_11:24-26. Moses’ Choice 2327. Heb_11:27. Faith seeing the invisible God 2328. Heb_11:28. Moles’ Faith in relation to the Passover 2329. Heb_11:30. The Walls of Jericho thrown down by Faith 2330. Heb_11:31. Rahab concealing the Spies 2331. Heb_11:32-35. Power of Faith 2332. Heb_11:38. God’s Estimate of his People 2333. Heb_11:39-40. The Advantages enjoyed under the Christian Dispensation 2334. Heb_12:1-2. Christ’s persevering Diligence 2335. Heb_12:3. Christ’s Patience under Sufferings 2336. Heb_12:4-13. Afflictions the Fruit of God’s Love 2337. Heb_12:14. The Necessity of Holiness 2338. Heb_12:15-17. The Danger of despising or dishonouring the Gospel 2339. Heb_12:18-25. Transcendent Excellence of the Christian Dispensation 2340. Heb_12:22; Heb_12:24. Abel’s Sacrifice and Christ’s compared 2341. Heb_12:28-29. God to be served with reverential Fear 2342. Heb_13:3. Compassion to the Distressed inculcated 2343. Heb_13:5-6. God’s promised Presence an Encouragement to Duty 2344. Heb_13:8. The Glory of Christ 2345. Heb_13:9. Caution against false Doctrines 2346. Heb_13:10. The Christian’s Altar 2347. Heb_13:11-13. The Burnt-sacrifices typical of Christ 2348. Heb_13:14. The Christian’s Portion 2349. Heb_13:15-16. Sacrifices to be offered by Christians 2350. Heb_13:17. The Duty of People, and the Responsibility of Ministers 2351. Heb_13:20-21. Christian Principles improved in Prayer